Simple Tips for Traveling to Moscow

Moscow is one among the biggest cities that will still, within the minds of the many Westerners, seem to qualify as a destination to be visited. Moscow is the capital of Russia. Having played a central role in the development of the Russian state and its history, Moscow was the capital of the former Soviet Union and continues to pave the manner as Muscovite move into the 21st century. A 860 year-previous town, Moscow has many reminders of its imperial and Soviet past. It’s a sprawling city with various museums, Soviet-era monoliths and post-Soviet kitsch.

When you visit Moscow, you’re visiting one among the globe’s largest cities. Whereas you ought to abide by sure travel recommendation irrespective of where you travel, a visit to Moscow will need special considerations not necessary in different Eastern European capital cities.

The ancient city has perpetually been a haven for history buffs. The red-brick towers of the Kremlin occupy the founding web site of Moscow, churches and monuments keep in mind fallen heroes and victorious battles and remains of the Soviet state are scattered all around the town. Even history is being examined in innovative ways, as new museums broach subjects long brushed underneath the carpet.

The official language is Russian that uses the Cyrillic alphabet. A bad news is English is not widely spoken outside of Moscow so it is helpful to hold a phrase book with you in case of emergencies.

You can go for hostels and rented flat or going for almost free-stay by using loyalty points. As Hyatt, Marriott, InterContinental and Radisson have hotels in Moscow, earning points either with hotel stays or by signing up for the most effective travel credit cards can provide you some free nights in one in all the most expensive cities in the world.

Keep in mind that you need to have a visa to enter Russia which must be arranged in advance as visas don’t seem to be obtainable on arrival. Obtain a visa from your nearest Russian embassy or consulate previous to your trip, use online visa services or let the travel agency do it for you. You need to apply for your Russian visa 3 months before your arrival date.

The currency in Russia is the Russian Ruble. Rubles are divided into a 100 kopeeks, with coins showing in denominations of 5, 10 and 50 kopeeks, and 1,2, 5 and 10 rubles. Notes are obtainable in denominations of 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000. ATMs are readily available for AmEx, Cirrus, Eurocard, MasterCard and Visa with some machines issuing bucks and rubles.¬†Credit cards are fast changing into an acceptable type of payment in Moscow thus it’s best to hold enough money to last you a few days in case of difficulties especially if you plan on travelling beyond the city’s perimeters.

Always be aware about taking photographs as snapping photos of police or officials could be a potential approach to bring unwanted attention to yourself. Avoid snapping photos of official-looking buildings such as embassies and government headquarters. Additionally, citizens on the road could not need their photo snapped and it is best to ask politely if you spot a potential subject. Professional photography might require special permission and documents however amateur photography is widely practice in Moscow. Do note that museums might charge a fee for photography or ban it altogether.

The usual city threats also apply to Moscow as you should aware against pickpockets and thieves at all times. Though most visitors experience no issues on this, keep in mind that pick pocketing could be a real danger as you might lose your passport and other important documents. Do have a photocopy of your passport, travel visa and other alternative documents on you in case you get stopped for any reason by the police who may ask to see it.

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