Spending Your Holidays in Norfolk

The summer holidays are a time that everyone treasures, the kids are away from school for a long six weeks while parents can reserve holidays for a week or two and escape the repetitiveness of daily life. A holiday is a family event and takes much planning and consideration.

The perfect destination should be one that offers fun for all of the family; lots to do for the kids without boring the adults and enjoyments for parents without the feel of dragging the kids around. This blend can be hard to find and as a result many people feel that going abroad can offer what they need; however, there is a destination at home in the UK that can offer something different and unique: Norfolk.

Holidays in Norfolk are becoming more and more popular each year, not only with UK natives but also people from the farthest reaches of the globe. The reason for this is that the county can offer something for all of the family and an experience unlike other tourist destinations.

What has Norfolk got to offer?

The question shouldn’t be “what has Norfolk got to offer?” but “what HASN’T Norfolk got to offer?” Regardless of your age, ability or personal preferences, Norfolk can accommodate. From the magical waterways of the Norfolk broads, to the culture and shopping of Norwich and the seaside fun of Great Yarmouth, holidays in Norfolk are a truly rewarding experience.

Most holidays in Norfolk favour the Broads. The Norfolk Broads are the life and soul of the county and present miles of unrestricted waterway to sample as you choose and take in the unspoilt countryside, homely pubs and rare wildlife. A stay in a boat on the Broads does not mean being bound to the water for the duration of your stay. The freedom of a boat allows you to moor up and enjoy a walk or bike ride through forest and countryside.

A stay at the beach is a priority for many families and a main reason of travelling abroad; holidays in Norfolk offer Great Yarmouth, a classic seaside resort as good as any foreign land during the summer months. Great Yarmouth has been a favourite destination for Brits for over 300 years and offers sun, sea, sand and attractions for all the family.

The City of Norwich is the cultural hub of the county and a great place to eat, shop and sample museums and art galleries; however there are many small towns and villages that receive less adulation but are equally worth visiting. Ludham, Horning, Whittingham, Lowestoft and Hemsby are all great places and can all be accessed by boat.

Booking early

Holidays in Norfolk are extremely popular and booking early is recommended if you are planning a visit during summer months. Boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads and the various holiday parks throughout the county are very busy with families during the summer and it having your travel plans in place as far in advance as possible will help to secure accommodation.


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