Aidilfitri Travel Tips

Aidilfitri 2010 is just around the corner and I hope that I’m not too late to write about this. Well, it’s just come into my mind to write about traveling during Aidilfitri. I never experience Aidilfitri celebration in other countries so I just write based on my homeland Malaysia.

Well, let’s see some of traveling tips during Aidilfitri.

When it comes to Aidilfitiri, most Muslims are going back to their hometown to celebrate with their families and relatives. The journey involves various modes of transportation such as car, bus, train or flight. And some roads will be jammed by moving vehicles. So the most important thing to consider is – plan your journey! Plan your time to depart and which route that you will take. It will help you a lot to choose best time and route to take.

And also don’t forget to plan your budget and expenses during the journey.

The next important thing is to check your vehicle. Make sure it is in good condition and bring your vehicle for maintenance if necessary. Check all the components such as tires, brakes and etc. Remember that your vehicle condition means safety and of course, you don’t want to gamble your safety while driving on the road.

If you’re using public transport, it’s recommended to choose good transportation services (in fact, there’s limited choice during festival season).

One more important thing to be kept in mind is to ensure you bring all your important belongings and documents. Make sure all important things are well-prepared before starting your journey. Turning back will be tedious and gives you difficulties.

I think that’s all for Aidilfitri traveling tips. I guess different places and people got different ways of journey for Aidilfitri so you’re welcomed to share any opinion or experience through the comment box below.

For all Muslims all over the world, Happy Aidilfitri 2010!

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