Feedback: 3 More Things You Should Do While Traveling

I had mentioned about 3 Things You Should Do While Traveling and I feel glad to found that some of our friends had added some useful points.

Let’s see 3 more things you should do while traveling.

4. Learn The Local Language

Upneo mentioned about learning the local language he/she thinks the minimum should be a few essential phrases, including greetings, directions, and how to order in a restaurant.

Yes, I agree with this as we might have to interact with local people who are not so familiar with English thus we need to use local language a bit in order to get some help or buying things. I took Mandarin class a few months ago as a preparation to visit places which using Mandarin as language so I could ease myself to interact with local people there.

5. Get Some Local Currency

Escapadas shared the moment of spending almost a day in Wales without eating and drinking because not having pounds, just euros and no credit card. Gosh. It must be the most unfortunate moments that a person could experience while traveling.

I always prepare myself by getting local currency after arriving at the airport. I’ll go to money changer and get some cash of the local currency for getting transport and room. The one for shopping or visiting other places will be exchanged from time to time based on the need. I found that different money changers imply different rates (based on places – some places standardized all their local money changers) so find the one which gives you more currency.

6. Purchase A Proper Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for all” said that it is always best to travel abroad with proper travel insurance, so you and your family can count on all the protection you need.

Actually I never consider about this while traveling but I think this is something that we must think about. Some of the advantages of purchasing travel insurance are:

  • Medical matters
  • Missed flights
  • Personal accident
  • Legal expenses
  • Personal accident
  • Personal baggage

You can read more about the advantages of travel insurance here.

Thanks a lot for adding extra points here. If you have any points that you want to add on the things that you should do while traveling, you are welcomed to do so through the comment section below =)

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