Renting Cars While Traveling

There are various ways to access the places that you’re visiting including using cars. Some people prefer to use car as transportation to travel as they are feel comfortable with it and don’t have to wait for the public transport to arrive at the station. Well, for me using car is a nice option too but remember every option got its pros and cons.

It’s in fact quite impossible for you to bring your car from home so the only option is to rent a car while traveling. Here are some tips that I want to share on renting cars while traveling.

1. How about your driving license?

Having a driving license in your home country doesn’t always mean you can use the same license for the other country except the law allows you to do so for example the allowance to use the same license in Commonwealth countries. You can get an International Driving License for that purpose. Keep this in mind or you might face troubles while driving or even when trying to rent a car.

2. Left or right?

Keep in mind that the driver’s seat are different between each countries. Vehicles in some countries implement driver’s seat on the left while some on the right. Make sure you know this while planning your visit so you can determine whether you will rent cars or not while traveling. However it is not a problem if you are able to drive on both sides. If you can’t drive on the opposite side which is not familiar for you, consider using public transportation or you might involve yourself in accident. See whether the car that you will rent use manual or auto gear system. Some people ignore this and have to face problem while driving.

3. The oil price

Yes, you need oil to make the car moves! And from my experience most car rental services do not provide free fuel so you have to put the current oil price of the place that you will visit in the budget. Also don’t forget to know the locations of gas stations so it is easier for you to plan your journey while traveling.

4. The local traffic situation

Know the local traffic situation. Traffic jams could turn your short journey into a long one so do remember to check the local traffic situation of the place that you want to visit.

Wrap Up

Renting cars while traveling can give your comfort however if you make the wrong choice you might have to face troubles in your journey. Consider the tips that I’d shared and you can guarantee a comfortable and safe journey.

If you have any extra tips or ideas on renting cars while traveling, feel free to leave your comment below!

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