Things To Do in Barcelona at Night

Late nights in Barcelona can carry a bit more meaning than they do in other cities; since a late night typically means parties long into the wee hours of the morning. There are some summer night activities you cannot do in wintertime in Barcelona, such as spending a long, lazy summer night in Barcelona, watching the sun go down at Parque Guell or Tibidabo. From the hidden speakeasy bars, the incredible sunset views, and experiencing some of Barcelonas cultural highlights, there are many ways to enjoy the city after dark.

Barcelona is a place to visit, even for non-soccer fans, because it has a lot more than just football. While Barcelona is a town known primarily for its spectacular football teams, there are some nice places and views that you can enjoy when you are staying there, even if just for a night.

One of the most interesting things to do in Barcelona during the evening is going to local concerts, and the best place to do this is an incredible concert hall called The Palau de la Musica. You may be visiting the Palau de la Musica in the afternoon, but this is also the ideal late-night activity for a night out on the town of Barcelona.

In hopes to inspire you to head out after dark and experience the different side of the wonderful Barcelona, you can find some incredible nighttime cultural experiences to enjoy there. Barcelona has a lot of things to to offer for culturally curious travelers by night, from evenings at the opera, jazz music on the roofs of the best-known buildings of Gaudis, and even a couple more intriguing surprises such as a moonlit sail across the Mediterranean.

Other than walking around the Gothic Quarter, dine on tapas, visit the beach, and catch sunset at the rooftop bar, you can simply walking around the Sagrada Familia and admiring the splendor of Gaudis work is one of our favourite things in Barcelona at night, especially when being shown Barcelona for the first-timers. Visiting The Sagrada Familia at night means you will be away from the crowds, and being probably the biggest landmark in the city, this is not something you will be able to do too often.

You can opt for a ride which takes you along the legendary Barceloneta beach, which is still lively by night with joggers, skaters, walkers and drinkers, reveals some of the history behind the Old Port, and the new Olympic marina too, before taking you inland to the impressive Arc de Triomf, and then to some of the most exciting modern developments in the city, such as the stunningly Jean Nouvel-designed Torre Glories. From here, you can head down to the port Vell and beach for an absolute escape from Barcelona entirely. If you are planning on stopping in Barcelona on your East Coast Road Trip to Spain, then you will want to stay in the city for at least 2 nights.

Barcelona is home to some of Europes best clubs, and there is no shortage of places to groove to all night and dance. Travelers in Barcelona can easily find the right tour for experiencing dining or drinking in Barcelona.

Drinks are provided as part of La Pedrera night experience, which is a nice way to wrap up the final days of your time in Barcelona. After your day of museums and exploring, make sure you have saved a little extra energy for exploring the city at night. Even if you had a long day of sightseeing, it is worthwhile getting out when the sun goes down to see another side of Barcelona that is hidden away during the day, only to emerge in the evening for play.

Nightlife in Barcelona does more than just expose travelers to their world-class cuisine, but also provide an insight into the way the people of Barcelona dine. It will take you up to Warrior rooftop, which is not only a unique experience worth seeing, but offers stunning panoramic views over Barcelona.

The nights are forever young until you get to Barcelona, make sure to have proper rest as you are not going to be getting a lot of it in Barcelona.

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