Things To Do in Palm Cove

The world has a very few places on its map that mirror paradise. Palm Cove is a rare destination which can be classified as paradise. Palm Cove which situated in Tropical North Queensland Australia – is a holidaymaker’s favorite.

The small village accommodates some of the best and globally renowned art galleries, spas, jewellery shops, restaurants and highly sophisticated fashion boutiques. This gives the travelers a chance to experience fun and adventure along with relaxing at the same time. Probably this is what makes Palm Cove Cairn’s most prominent beach.

What to Do in Palm Cove?

If you are visiting Palm Cove, you do not need to worry about being bored. There is a lot to offer that will make your visit memorable for sure. Here are a few things you can do while vacationing in Palm Cove.

  • Dining: Foodies will love to be in Palm Cove and for the right reason. Palm Cove is home to various food destinations– ranging from beach side cafes to 5-star restaurants. There are so many it will be difficult to decide where to eat from!
  • Spa Treatments: Holidaying means relaxation and one thing that compliments relaxation well is spa treatments. Palm Cove has numerous spas that will surely help you drain out your stress through indigenous spa therapies using natural and herbal ingredients.
  • Shopping: If you are a shopping addict, you can shop till you drop here. Palm Cove will never let you down. This beach side holiday spot has various fashion boutiques and beachwear shops. In case you are looking for grocery, fuel or liquor, you can visit Clifton Village shopping centre.

Adventurous and Fun Activities to do in Palm Cove

Adventure never dies in Palm Cove and fun never fades. There are a host of adventurous activities one can undertake in Palm Cove. Here are a few of them:

  • Bicycle Riding: If adventure is all you have on your mind then a bicycle ride to explore Palm Cove is something you will not want to miss. Hire a bike and cycle through lanes to get the best view of Palm Coves and other beaches in northern Cairn.
  • Swimming: Have fun in the waters of Palm Cove but don’t worry, as your safety is well taken care of. Life Savers are always on duty to help you through tough times.

Where to Stay in Palm Cove- Palm Cove Accommodations

To make the most of your stay in Palm Cove, it is important that you get the right Palm Cove accommodations. Ensuring that you get the best views of the beautiful beach city, there are various accommodations in Palm Cove including motels, resorts and hotels. It is best to research your options to be able to enjoy your stay.


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