Travel Insurance: What Does It Cover?

Travel insurance is a must-have for every traveler. Whether you’re going on a world tour or for any business issue, you must always carry your travel insurance policy. There are a lot of advantages that you get when you purchase travel insurance policy. Take a look at the coverage you get in a travel insurance policy.

Coverage in travel insurance policy

You purchase insurance to get coverage against any mishaps and risks. There can be any shortcomings in your trip so you must be prepared for them. Check out which coverage you must have when you purchase a travel insurance policy :

1.Medical coverage : You may fall sick or get injured when you are away in another country. Your trip may be budgeted and you may not have extra money to pay for your illness. To avoid getting into any false situations, you must have this policy. You get covered for extra expenditure on your medicines and also the fees of the doctor are covered by the policy. If you need to be taken home by the next flight, you’re also covered for the tickets. But you may not be covered for pre-existing diseases.

2.Trip cancellation : This is the coverage you get if you have to cancel your trip because of any untoward incident or if any of your family members gets sick. Your travel insurance policy also comes to your aid if your tour operator or your cruise line goes out of business or gets bankrupt. These are just unplanned situations and you may not have any control on them. So, if your trip is insured, you get covered for all these things.

3.Accidental death or dismemberment : If any of your family members dies suddenly when on a trip, you get covered for the loss. If you’re permanently disabled and injured in a flight, then also you get compensation.

If a person has travel insurance policy and he dies during his trip, the problem regarding repatriating the body and arranging for a funeral is taken care of by your insurer. The cost attached with funeral arrangements and other body related expenditures are taken care of by the policy. If your baggage gets delayed or gets stolen then also your policy pays you to replace them.

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