Traveling Safely by Public Transportation

Using the public transportation can be a great approach for a traveler due to affordable costs and comfort however it the possibilities for some risks are also there. Thus before enjoying the public transportation in any country or vacation spot that you are visiting, take a moment to think about these important travel safety tips.

Look for Official Badge or Logo

First of all, look for official badge or logo on the transport to ensure that they are legal public transport. This might be easier on buses and trains however you have to be careful when it come to taxis. A legitimate taxi driver or bus driver can have a badge displayed, so take a quick look before you get in.

When you are doing spot a badge, check out the image and ensure that it looks like your driver. You can ask the staff at your hotel or a local police officer whether or not local drivers need to show their badges or not.

Look for licensed taxi drivers. You can find the list in front of terminals or hotels. You might have to pay additional fees however keep in mind that this can protect your safety and belongings. Have the address of your destination written out in local language and carry it with you.

Beware of Your Belongings

Always beware and stay close with your bags and belongings. This is particularly necessary if you have several luggage or packages, or if everyone on the bus or train has similar luggage. It’s an easy thing for a thief to change out an empty one that appears simply like yours when all the luggage come from the same retailer. A wise idea is to bring no more than you’ll be able to carry on your body.

Bunch your baggage between your feet or shut on the seat beside you once you’re sitting, and keep hold of them when you’re standing. Stay on your guard against pickpockets and petty thieves whereas during a bus/train terminal or at a taxi stop. Avoid carrying a wallet in your hip or easily accessible coat pocket. Carry a handbag/handbag that you will firmly grip or secure to your body.

Try as best as possible not to travel alone in a taxi and never get out in deserted areas. If the door doesn’t lock, sit near the center of the seat therefore you may thwart thieves who would possibly open the door or smash a window to grab a purse, briefcase, or wallet.

Know Clearly Where You Are Going

Knowing where you are going by having a map and paying attention to the route will facilitate your protect yourself. Avoid arriving anywhere at the hours of darkness and using dim or vacant entrances to stations or terminals. Utilize only busy, well-lit stations.

Get a map and learn the route to your destination to ensure that you are going towards the right destination via the public transportation that you use. You can refer to maps which are provided at booths or online such as this London’s Rail & Tube Services map or getting Transit Maps of the World for your future use.

Save Local Emergency Numbers

Every country has local emergency numbers and services which are totally different between each countries, regions or localities. Get these emergency number at airports or hotels and save these numbers with you all the time in a particular country or region. Make sure that you are able to call these numbers as fast as possible if you feel that something goes wrong or you suddenly face unexpected emergency moments.

Although sometimes I prefer renting a private car while traveling, it cannot deny the fact that public transportation consumes less money and time. Traveling with public transportation is enjoyable and fantastic and these safety tips can provide you more pleasure and memorable experiences.

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