Traveling To Japan On Your Own

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I feel interested in replying to one of the comments:
Any tips on traveling to Japan on my own?
I am planning to go to Tokyo for a week or so sometime during winter.

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So let’s see some tips on traveling to Japan on your own.

Japan is known as one of the most polite to visitors. It is also a safe place to travel as Japan has low crime rates compared to the other parts of the world. You might want to visit Japan on your own due to some reasons such as you don’t have any partners or you have to feel travel by your own thus you have to consider some tips while you travel.

The most important thing that you must keep in mind is your own safety as you are traveling on your own. Make sure you bring your own first aid kit in your bag if you got any injuries while traveling. You might want to bring any protective tool but don’t bring dangerous weapon as you might face problem at the airport.

There are many large companies provide flight to Japan, so choose the most suitable flight for you. Set a specific day for your trip so you can save your budget for your travel plus you have to maintain your budget alone. There are many companies that provide online booking for flight to Japan. Gather enough information and compare prices between different companies in order to get the best results.

The streets of large cities in Japan are generally very busy and slow, so I guess traveling by train is the best way to enjoy your travel in Japan. The best way to get around is by using Japan Rail (JR) system. You must book the Pass before leaving your home about three months before you plan to travel. When you have your own Pass, you are free to travel almost anywhere in Japan.

Traveling on your own means that you have to communicate with the local people by yourself as there is nobody assisting you. You have to learn Japanese language – the basic one at least. If you are looking for Japanese language course, you can do so by taking short Japanese language class, learning through the Internet & friends or buy a software program such as software or videos.

The large amount of variation in climate in Japan provides interesting experiences for travelers especially the outdoor lovers. Only some part of Japan might cost you more expensive budget for foods, accommodations and services so make sure to choose the best one that suits you needs and budget.

And don’t forget to get your travel insurance!

Hope these tips help you in traveling to Japan on your own.

If you have any extra ideas or comments for traveling to Japan on your own, feel free to say so in the comment section below =)

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