Cheap Weekend Getaway Tips for Students

Many college students use their educational careers as a time for them to explore and enjoy themselves while still working towards professional goals. After graduation students transition into their field of choice and free time becomes limited.

Students living on campus can take advantage of spring break, fall recess, and summer breaks by taking trips to new locations.

Students enrolled in online education have more options because they can complete course work from any location with an internet connection.

While the time is available to travel, for many students the funds are not. There a few options available to cut down on expenses and provide you and some friends a great experience.

Travel in Packs

Loading up the car with a couple of friends and taking a road trip for a weekend is a great way to travel. Driving duties can be divided up to avoid getting tired and the gas money should be split amongst the group. Save money by stopping at the store to stock up on lunch meats, juice, bread and snacks to fill up a cooler.

Shopping at the supermarket for the duration of the trip is also an option. You can choose one meal a day to eat at a restaurant that the locals rave about, but eating meals prepared at home saves money. Some hotel rooms have microwaves and small refrigerators available for patrons to store and prepare meals.

Share Rooms

Once you reach your destination you can save more money by sharing hotel rooms with friends. If you are going to the beach there are shore houses available for rent, and they become more affordable when divided amongst a group.

Look for hotels that offer complimentary breakfast also. You can get a full breakfast to give you energy for the activities you have planned. Many times hotels offer a variety of cereals, fruits, bagels and waffles.

Hotels usually provide brochures that highlight different activities available in the area and popular restaurants to visit. Included in many of these brochures are coupons to make it more appealing and affordable—don’t be afraid to use them.

Student Travel Discounts

Companies like STA Travel offer student discounts to a number of locations both domestic and abroad. The website includes discounted hotels and transportation options. Also included in on the website are travel guides offering prospective travelers an opportunity to map out their entire trip from one location. STA Travel even offers travel insurance for international trips.

Another option available for students looking to travel while pursuing their education is study abroad programs. These programs offer students the opportunity to live in a new environment and experience a new culture while taking classes and working towards their degree.

These programs offer an invaluable life experience and they can vary in length depending on the student’s preference.

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