Discover Fantastic Copenhagen in Denmark

Copenhagen is the premier capital of Northern Europe and the centre of the most dynamic region in Europe. And in fact the monarchy in Denmark is the oldest in the world! Being the biggest and most vibrant of all Scandinavia’s cities, Copenhagen has been the Danish capital for almost 400 years.

Copenhagen has grown steadily over the years where it expands from its historic centre, where most city’s noteworthy historic buildings are clustered together with parks, public squares and green spaces. Its coastal scenery is one of the world’s most important cruise destinations, regularly rated as Europe’s premier port.

You can do a lot of things in Copenhagen. You can enjoy your day at the extremely popular Tivoli Amusement Park which is situated in the very centre of Copenhagen or enjoy the scenery by boarding on a canal boat and enjoy a tour of the scenic waterfront. Take your time shopping along the Stroget which is known for being the longest pedestrian mall in the entire world.

Royal Danish Arsenal Museum is the entrance to one of the city’s smallest oasis’s named the garden of the Royal Library. Enjoy its beauty and use this as your route to the area of Christians Brygge to the Royal Library called The Black Diamond. You can see amazing architecture situated right on the water front opposite the recreational harbour pool area at Islands Brygge.

The Nationalmuseet (National Museum) is another attraction that you shouldn’t miss and was established as far back as 1807. It contains many priceless Danish treasures and an interesting exhibition related to the Viking Age. If you are looking for art museums, consider visiting the Malerisamlingen Ordrupgard (Museum of Modern Art), the Statens Museum for Kunst (State Museum of Art), and also the Royal Danish Academy of Art, located within the magnificent Charlottenborg Palace and filled with Danish masterpieces.

In Copenhagen warehouses have been turned into restaurants old shops have been converted into elegant bars. You can see new cafes and clubs are opening up. Don’t be shocked if you found sushi, nasi-goreng, tom yum goong and couscous on your way to take your meal because Copenhagen has become an international city and so its foods.

Remember that you shouldn’t leave Copenhagen without having tried a Danish hot dog and the Danish smørrebrød. The best hot dogs are served at the very far end of the Copenhagen waterfront!

You can access within Copenhagen via Metro trains. The stations are marked with a red M. There are two lines, M1 runs from Vanløse Station to Copenhagen Airport in East Amager, and M2 runs from Vanløse Station to Ørestad in West Amager and both lines take you through the heart of the city.

The trains are driverless and fully automatic, but with Metro stewards on the train. In addition all trains and stations are equipped with CCTV. The trains operates at four, six minutes’ intervals during the day and evening hours and every 15 – 20 minutes during the night.

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